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Eastern NY Chapter of the Air & Waste Management Association Earth Day Grant Program

In 2021, the Eastern New York AWMA Chapter presented our 20th Annual Earth Day Grant Program for schools (Preschool - Grade 12) within our membership area (zip codes starting with “12”).  Over the life of the program (through 2021), the local Chapter has received 691 Earth Day Grant applications demonstrating a continuing need to fund environmental education opportunities above and beyond what schools can provide for aspiring young scientists and environmental engineers, and to date the Chapter has awarded 321 grants totaling more than $157,500.  We believe that our grant program will improve the future labor pool of environmental professionals in our area as well as help address the many varied environmental challenges of our world.  In 2021, our Chapter awarded over $7,440 for programs in schools.   The Earth Day Grants awarded by the Chapter in 2021 went to a diverse group of schools and for a wide variety of environmental projects

Schools that have an environmental project or event that they would like to have funded, are encouraged to complete and submit a Grant Application (distributed in January/February each year) by late March to early April
of that year.  Partial or full grants will be awarded for qualifying projects or events based on technical and educational merit as determined by our Education Committee when we meet in early-to-mid April.  We will consider funding project equipment (such as water testing kits, microscopes, composters, and recycling containers), or an event (such as a special program presentation). Preference will be given to projects involving scientific studies (water quality studies, global warming impact projects, projects requiring data collection and analysis, etc.); however, all requests will be given consideration.  Schools and educators are encouraged to look for new and innovative projects and to look beyond the list of projects that was awarded in the previous year.

In 2021-22, the ENY Chapter will once again be asking for applications from all schools in the  "12_ _ _" zip code area
We are an IRS 501(c)(3) organization, and all donations will be fully tax deductible. Please consider making a contribution to the Earth Day Grant Program.  Contributions can be made at any time to AMWA by contacting Joe Farron, Chapter Treasurer at j.farron@ctmale.com.

 Grants Awarded
 Total Amount Awarded
 6 Grants
 13 Grants
 10 Grants
 10 Grants $2,850
 11 Grants $3,250
 13 Grants $4,000
 17 Grants $4,750
 18 Grants $5,215
 17 Grants $5,850
 14 Grants $6,800
 15 Grants $7,074
 17 Grants $7,904
 21 Grants $12,049
 22 Grants $13,659
 21 Grants $12,702

21 Grants

25 Grants

26 Grants

13 Grants
11 Grants
 321 Grants / 691 Applications$157,502

Click here for the list of 2021 Grant Awards.

Download the 2021 Grant Application Package Here (The deadline for 2022 Grant Applications is March 31, 2022): (Word Format) (PDF Format)

Any questions and all applications should be directed to earthdaygrants@awmaneny.org.

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